Caspian Tower

The Grand Project of the Caspian International Tourism and Recreation Complex is one of the largest and most unique development projects in the country currently under development by the private sector in order to strengthen the tourism infrastructure of the country and as the first example of entry into the field of construction Specialized in high-rise structures in order to strengthen the professional knowledge of building and national self-confidence within the country under the supervision of one of the most influential and foreign specialist companies in the field of design and construction of high-rise structures is in the process of formation and development. The necessity of paying attention to this huge movement is that it needs a national determination and the support and support of all the organizations, institutions, organizations and custodians of the development of tourism. Fortunately, this project has benefited from this advantage and from the very beginning, with the welcome and enthusiasm of the authorities. Provincial, which demonstrates the competence, prestige and foresight of the responsible organizations, with a massive move towards attracting national investments in the direction of the direction of the expansion of national development indicators in the various fields of the building industry that promote itself. Building knowledge to advance the goals of transnational development in the future It will be The forthcoming report in the form of a summary of the management report refers to the physical progress of the studies of this national project, prepared and prepared by the Office of Project Consultant Engineer (ACE.Co-EUA).

  • Action Area: 844000 m²
  • Client: Iranian PardisBan Company
  • Location: Qazvin , Iran
  • Function: Tourism and Residential