• Adderss: 414 Deloraine Ave, North York,ON- CANADA
  • Starting Date: March 2020
  • Finishing Date: September 2020
  • Renovation and Design by: SHARMANARG CANADA INC.
  • Implement & Construction: SHARMANARG`s Renovated and remodeling Team
  • Supervisor and Constructive: MINA ANVARI ARIA & REZA NAYBZADEH

Deloriane Avenue is a one-of-a-kind project that our organization will be offering in 2020. Apart from the principal contractor, our responsibilities in this project include redesigning and overseeing all technical aspects, including interior and exterior elements, which are managed by Mina Anvari Aria as supervisor constrution and Reza Naybzadeh as technician and rehabilitation expert.

Major Duties

  • Re-design and supervisor to countertops – all areas of repair, replace countertops.
  • Planning, organization controlling, and evaluate all activities of renovating
  • Planning and prepare work schedules and coordinate the activities of subcontractors
  • Checking and controlling on insulation all specific details such as doors/windows/cabinets –
    repair/replace closet doors, interior doors and frames, exterior doors and frames, repair/replace
    window coverings/locks/hardware, passage/lockset installation/repair, cabinets repair/replace
  • Preparing technical details of blueprints
  • Supervising on design and implement projects
  • Attending technical meetings with all contractors related to this project
  • Preparing expense reports outlining cost estimates for suppliers, material, labors.
  • Coordinating deliveries of material and equipment with suppliers, and vendors.
  • Providing all technical details for painting and finishing – washing, sanding, priming, painting, textured
    surfaces, and overseeing supervising to construction in all areas of this project.
  • Technical supporting for all floor work, including subfloor replacement, laminate/carpet/tile repair and
    replacement, as well baseboard installation/repair, including providing details and implementing.
    Planning, organization control, and evaluate all activities of renovating.
  • Supervising on all technical works about floors – replace subfloor, laminate/carpet/tile repair
    and/or replace, baseboard installation/repair including providing details and implement.
  • Controlling work performed by subcontractors to ensure quality and conformity with plans and
    specifications of the project.
  • Collaborating with design teams to providing technical documents pertains to implements work
    and Interior Designs issues concerning this project.