Old Tehran Tourism Complex

The old-fashioned tourism complex in the 60,000-square-foot area is designed to expand the tourist’s spaces and increase the tourist attractions of the island with an area of 121750 square meters. The complex has 650 commercial and service units, 7 movie theaters and theaters, 3 four and five star hotels, a pavilion, the old Tehran museum, an indoor parlor, a hypermarket and a set of dining halls inspired by the architecture of the 1340s and the precise reconstruction of a part of the square The Artillery and Lalehzar streets are somehow associated with the senses of the spaces of that era and the symbol of the first urban space of the island of Kish, which is under construction.

  • Action Area: 121750 m²
  • Client: Tehran Ghadim Company
  • Location: Kish island, Tehran
  • Function: Commercial, Servicing, Cultural, Tourism