Architectural Design


Designing various architectural projects with different uses from the stage of studying and delivering concepts . Also provided engineering drawings for obtaining permits .

Consulting Engineering

Consulting Engineering

The company holds a credible degree from the Iranian Engineering society for work on architectural , structural,mechanical and electrical in number 412/187456/273 and 383616 and authorized to operate with these permissions in various engineering related areas of the building .

Participation in Construction

Participation in construction

This part of the company`s activity has recently been established ,its main from of investment is the size of small-scale projects .



This section of our services covers a large portion of the design and execution process, which includes everything from reconstruction to renovation. This part is normally supervised by our professional staff, who operates as a supervisor with SHARMANARG.

Reconstruction & Refurbishmen

Reconstruction & Refurbishmen

One of the most basic of SHARMANARG’s services is the Reconstruction and refurbishment of existing buildings with various functions ranging from residential to commercial at affordable prices and in a convenient manner for our customers in Canada.


SHARMANARG is specialized at design of the interiors. Also, for many years we have been providing services in creating the technical documentation, necessary in the process of fulfilling a designer project. This service includes creating the technical task, and also dimensional drawings, considering engineer communications in the room.

All the needed sweeps, like the walls with all the picked materials noted, floor and ceiling cover, the plan of placing the lighting elements and their coordinating with the electical accessories, placing the furniture and plumbing equipment, and also all the necessary detailing, is also included into the list of the technical documents provided by our company.

An undeniable step of working upon the documentation is control of the result. The documents are the papers, which not only have practical, but also legal value. That is why a mistake in them can have heavy consequences. SHARMANARG develops technical documentation due to the current requirements and considering all the rules of designer art.

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Visual acceptance of the project is necessary for getting a complete appearance. To show the clients the variant we offer with all the details, we create a 3Ds-MAX model. It is a volume variant of depicting the project in a real size, which shows the designer solution to the client in the best possible way.

An advantage of the 3D-model lies in the possibility to see the room from any angle you wish. Thus, we can create the effect of presence and estimate both aesthetic and practical features of the suggested design. With the help of the visual model our client can not only see the basic interior elements, but also descry the tiniest things.

Besides the others, SHARMANARG services has a significant advantage – smart pricing. Regularly the company offers discounts for the clients. Our mission is to make collaborating with us pleasant and useful for the client. That is why if you applied to us, you can be sure that your interests are the main priority during creating the project.

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Collaboration with us is beneficial also because all the costs included into the project realization are fixed in the statement we provide to every client. For example, if we offer you to use certain furniture elements in your room, we will include its producer, marking of the furniture’s model, color and material, and also its price.

All the costs are preliminary discussed with the client. During the familiarization meetings designer and the client will set an approximate budget for the project, and we will act according to that sum. As every project is unique, the costs are also accounted individually. For example, even the costs of the floor cover depend on the material, way of laying and the producer.

The statement provided to the client includes all the parameters of the designer elements, like size, color, producer, index number and price. In creating the project engineer communications are very important. This is why all the details, offered in the project, will definitely fit the interior in reality.

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We fulfill complete furnishing of the objects, including the furniture elements themselves, plumbs and various decorative materials. This service is not only useful because you do not have to search for the project materials yourself, but also profitable as we provide discounts for our clients’ orders.

Our Copmany does the whole complex of work from picking the basic furniture elements to the tiniest decoration details. As our company fulfills the furnishing, you can be sure that the final result will be completely identical to the project.

If the project includes furniture elements, which need to be constructed by an individual order, this procedure also can be done with us. Our partners will make the necessary details of the interior for your object qualitatively and in time.

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