• Subject: Designing, Supervising, Renovation/Reconstruction
  • Adderss: 70 Sandra Drive ,Sutton, ON- CANADA
  • Starting Date: March 2020
  • Finishing Date: July 2020
  • Renovation and Design by: SHARMANARG CANADA INC.
  • Implement & Construction: SHARMANARG`s Renovated and remodeling Team
  • Supervisor and Constructive: MINA ANVARI ARIA & REZA NAYBZADEH

This project took place in the Sutton area. The house was old and in poor condition to live in. As a result, the owner tended to renovate all construction in particular, converting the basement from a storeroom to a tiny and acceptable suite with direct access to the upstairs. Our task in this project was to dismantle, design, restore, and refurbish according to the chasuble.

Major Duties

  • Preparing technical details of blueprints.
  • Supervising on design and implement projects.
  • Attending technical meetings with all contractors related to this project.
  • Preparing expense reports outlining cost estimates for suppliers, material, labors.
  • Coordinating deliveries of material and equipment with suppliers, and vendors.
  • Providing all technical details for painting and finishing – washing, sanding, priming, painting, textured
    surfaces, and overseeing supervising to construction in all areas of this project.
  • Technical supporting for all floor work, including subfloor replacement, laminate/carpet/tile repair and
    replacement, as well baseboard installation/repair, including providing details and implementing.
    Planning, organization control, and evaluate all activities of renovating.
  • Re-design and supervisor to countertops – all areas of repair, replace countertops.
  • Supervising on all technical works about floors – replace subfloor, laminate/carpet/tile repair
    and/or replace, baseboard installation/repair including providing details and implement.
  • Checking and controlling on insulation all specific details such as doors/windows/cabinets –
    repair/replace closet doors, interior doors and frames, exterior doors and frames, repair/replace
    window coverings/locks/hardware, passage/lockset installation/repair, cabinets repair/replace.
  • Planning, organization controlling, and evaluate all activities of renovating.
  • Planning and prepare work schedules and coordinate the activities of subcontractors.
  • Controlling work performed by subcontractors to ensure quality and conformity with plans and
    specifications of the project.
  • Collaborating with design teams to providing technical documents pertains to implements work
    and Interior Designs issues concerning this project.